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LuAnn Cibik is the 'geek' behind Hometown Digital Designs.

With over 25 years in the computer technology field, a background in graphic arts and design, and a Master Educator in Feng Shui, her websites capture the essence of your business, showcase your talents.

If you have been afraid to take that step and have a presence on the web,

LuAnn can help.

 Websites can be simple and affordable, and still extremely effective.

       Websites that fit your business



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Having a web presence does not have to be expensive!

Tell me more!


Call or email LuAnn to discuss a website for your business. 

She has worked with small business owners,

not for profit organizations, consultants, healers,

spa owners and more

to represent their businesses in the e-world.


The way your company appears on the internet is your business representation to the world. Using the concepts of color, placement, content and intention we work together to create the site that welcomes your customers and clients.


Online Calendar? Blogs? Newsletter? Slideshows?

Not a problem.


Contact her at

or 724-316-2428


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Some HDD Websites:



Attention Small Business or Sole Proprietors!

Have a fresh and easily updatable website for less money

than a one day newspaper ad!

Tell Me more about BLOGS! 

"Thank you making this process so much fun!
- V. Hanchin


  Technology used when needed to make your life simpler and your web presence better!

LuAnn loves technology, but only as it can improve the end product or make your life easier! She uses free and low cost internet tools that allow you to maintain your own calendars, post your current events, create e-newletters, or just blog to your hearts content! She helps you choose keywords and descriptions for your site and pages that help with your search rankings, and give you information on how to make your site rank higher. She will set up state of the art hit tracking systems to let you monitor your web visitors.


"LuAnn,  The site is amazing!  You are incredible!  Thanks."
- Neill A.

"I Don't Understand Computers"

You don't have to... if you don't want to.

You are great at what YOU do and that's what we want to showcase.

But don't let 'geek talk' stop you from having a web presence.

It's affordable. And not scary.



  "Oh my goodness… I am amazed at how I’m feeling after that. Like a heavy cloak came off and everything around me looks brighter.

I would still be sitting thinking about a website if it weren’t for you. Now I’m feeling like I can do this and step out into my own to be who I am… and “who I am is enough”






Jewelry Designers

Small Businesses


You can truly afford a custom website for less than one ad in a newspaper


Hi Luann,

Just for fun I returned a call back to Google to "update my listing". Whatever that means.

Then I inquired about increasing my ranking on search engines. So this Robert says all these things:
build your website, create a video, create tag lines, increase your ranking.

I said "Robert, I have done all that." Bottom line, they had nothing to offer. They wanted $400.00/month.
I got them down to $200.00/month and then muscle tested which came up dead - no energy. They wanted my credit card information ahead of time. I told him I didn't just fall off the Christmas tree and NO WAY was I giving him my credit card information. I guess I am gaining more wisdom.
I said "Robert, thank you for your time but I am psychic and I am not supposed to do this because you have nothing to offer me that I have not already done and put into place." Then he argued and I hung up.

So we are doing everything right.

Love, Joanie


  "Thank you for all the hard work on the website, and the DVD for the home show. It was appreciated"

- The Guys at Jedco

  Why Choose Hometown Digital Designs?

LuAnn is the owner and operator of this company, and what she loves is helping people shine. Whether it's through website design, or through her

 feng shui consulting service, it's all about making YOU the STAR, and helping YOU achieve YOUR GOALS.

There are many people out there 'doing websites', and some of them are really fantastic.

So why choose LuAnn?

Because she cares.

To her, your website is your 'electronic home' for your business. Your energy presence in the world. It's like your home page is the front door to your business, and it should welcome your clients, and represent you.

LuAnn uses her skills in graphic arts, her knowledge of color and it's psychological impact, the use of placement, shape and symbolism to create the impression and feeling you want your clients to have when they walk through your electronic 'front door', She has been in the Information Technology business for over 30 year, and a small business owner for since 2000.

Each website is created with the intention for your success. Ask LuAnn for more details on all the special touches!

"LuAnn Cibik is a highly sensitive, metaphysical intuitive who has the uncanny ability to tune in to her clients and communicate with them at a soul level. She is creative and patient, and her website designs are reflective of her meditative connection with her clients' desires. I learned this beautiful quality about LuAnn first hand when she designed my website with only my verbal descriptions and a few pictures as graphic references. Our easy communication with one another via e-mail made it equally pleasurable to complete our website designs in no time. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with LuAnn would know how delightful it is to be surrounded with her positive energy."

- Gina Alzate

  Thank you so much, it was truly MY pleasure to work with YOU.

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"I am simply delighted with my website. LuAnn Cibik brings tremendous ability and technical skill to her work. However, she also seems to have an instinct for presenting the client's information in both a logical and artistic fashion. The result is gorgeous."

 - Dirce Johnson

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Leechburg Pa and Everywhere else in the world

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