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Embrace Balance and Harmony.

Does your home embrace you with a sense of comfort and balance?

Do your relationships have the depth of intimacy you would like?

Is your work exciting, rewarding, fulfilling and a place you want to be?

Is clutter an issue in your life?


Feng shui, literally translated as "wind and water", is one of the oldest methods of holistic healing- healing through the environment. Feng shui seeks to create environments that are in balance with our individual sense of harmony and serenity.


Feng Shui  is the practice of understanding how the energy, the feeling, in our living spaces affects the quality of our lives. Feng shui allows us to harness and use this energy to our best advantage, improving not only the aesthetics of our spaces but also the feeling of our spaces.

Feng shui provides a new perspective for viewing your life and the spaces where you live and work. Feng shui is about change and helping you understand and improve the quality of your life by adjusting, or changing, the energy in your living space to support your goals and aspirations. When you adjust your living spaces with clarity and intention you can literally transform the quality of your life.

Feng shui will turn your house into a home: a home that nurtures and supports your goals and aspirations, a home that embraces you with comfort and balance, a home full of warmth and self expression. A home for your soul.

Homes and businesses can be vibrant places of health, well-being and renewal or they can be physical structure devoid of nature and warmth. A business that embraces balance and harmony creates an environment that supports creativity and prosperity as well as the client and employees who work there. It is a business that welcomes you.

Want a targeted Feng Shui approach? - Try Feng Shui in a Box

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Laura Carucci Rhonda Rosa  


Laura Carucci

Laura offers her clients a unique blend of holistic modalities from Feng Shui to Reiki and the power of Rocks and Crystals, her services are geared toward creating balance and support in all areas of your life. Whether you are seeking holistic services for yourself, your loved ones, your home or office environment, Laura can tailor her services to empower you to achieve your desired goals. Laura serves clients in the New Jersey Area, with onsite consultations, and can work with clients based all over the world through distance services.

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Contact her at laura@harmonylifedesign.com

Rhonda Rosa

Rhonda Rosa personal experience and success with feng shui led her to Interior Alignment®. She is also an expert life coach and certified Angel Card Reader. Since certifying in Interior Alignment® Rhonda has brought her experience and passion to others, improving the quality of their lives through changes in their homes.

Rhonda's mantra, “Make your home worthy of you” embraces the spirit of her passion for feng shui. She is available for feng shui consultations, space clearing, workshops and lectures, in the Florida area, as well as locations around the USA and world.

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Contact her at rhonda@harmonylifedesign.com

Frequently asked questions

Will people be able to tell I've had a feng shui consultation?
People will be able to feel a difference in your space and perhaps even in you. But they will rarely notice anything specific or be able to pick out 'feng shui' adjustments in your surroundings. The most effective adjustments incorporate qualities of who you are into your space, so they do not stand out in stark contrast to the rest of your environment.

If I don't like Asian decorating can I still use feng shui?
Feng shui isn't a form of decorating. In fact, it isn't decorating at all. You can continue to decorate in a style that feels comfortable to you and still incorporate the principles of feng shui. Feng shui is about creating spaces that nurture and support us, not about using Asian accessories or style decor.

Do I have to make the changes you suggest to see results?
Your results are a reflection of your effort and intention. We have found that clients who make changes immediately, with conscious purposeful intention, notice and experience powerful results.

Feng Shui in a Box™

If you have a single problem area, one intention you want to manifest in your life or you don’t want or need a full home consultation – Feng Shui in a Box™ is for you.

This amazing one room, one stop do-it-yourself service is just a click away. Just send us the floor plan of the room you’d like to change – it can be a hand drawn sketch, measurements of the room and pictures. You will also be given a series of questions to define your goals and intentions. Two weeks later, we will send your personalized Feng Shui design in a box to create the environment needed to support your goals. 

This service does not require an onsite consultation as it is done remotely.  So if you live somewhere we do not, don’t worry - Feng Shui in a Box™ is for you.

All recommendations incorporate the principles of Feng Shui and are designed personally for your lifestyle and your intentions.

Prices are determined by room size.


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