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Space Clearing is a ceremony that releases heavy, dull, stagnant energy in your surroundings and replaces it with clear, vibrant energy that supports your goals and desires for the space.

Space Clearing is helpful when -

  • you move into a new home or remodel your existing home

  • you're considering a new job or relationship

  • you'd like to enhance your health and personal well-being

  • you are incorporating Feng Shui enhancements into your environment

  • any situation where the energy within the space feels heavy, oppressive and uncomfortable

Clearings and Blessings, done with the Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ method that both Laura and Rhonda are certified in,  incorporates the beauty and power of blessing ceremonies to instill your intention and desire into your living spaces while releasing the energy that no longer serves you. It is a powerful addition to consider in conjunction with a feng shui consultation.

Space clearing clears the energetic cobwebs and feng shui enhancements hold that change, supporting the new energy and new intention.

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Laura Carucci Rhonda Rosa  


Laura Carucci

Laura offers her clients a unique blend of holistic modalities from Feng Shui to Reiki and the power of Rocks and Crystals, her services are geared toward creating balance and support in all areas of your life. Whether you are seeking holistic services for yourself, your loved ones, your home or office environment, Laura can tailor her services to empower you to achieve your desired goals. Laura serves clients in the New Jersey Area, with onsite consultations, and can work with clients based all over the world through distance services.

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Rhonda Rosa

Rhonda Rosa personal experience and success with feng shui led her to Interior Alignment®. She is also an expert life coach and certified Angel Card Reader. Since certifying in Interior Alignment® Rhonda has brought her experience and passion to others, improving the quality of their lives through changes in their homes.

Rhonda's mantra, “Make your home worthy of you” embraces the spirit of her passion for feng shui. She is available for feng shui consultations, space clearing, workshops and lectures, in the Florida area, as well as locations around the USA and world.

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Frequently asked questions

When should i have a Space Clearing? My house is not haunted!
Space clearing is not just for clearing the energy of ghosts or other predecessor energy. (However this could be one reason you choose to have a Space Clearing) This is a powerful way to reset the energy on your home after and life changing event, or desire of a change in your life. Marriages, new babies, new relationships, better health, etc, are all reasons to have a space clearing.

What if I'm moving?
Space clearing are great for clearing your energy from the house you are trying to sell, and are almost always needed before you move into a new space. Even brand new construction can hold the energy of all the tradespeople who worked on the site. It's a great way to connect you with the energy of your new home, and get started together!

Do I have to participate in the clearing?
No, but your input as to your intentions in your life are essential in what we want to instill into the space. We would be honored to have you be a part of the blessing ceremony, and would love to share with you methods to continue to instill this energy into your space.


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